RAPBS Call to Account, Melbourne, Sydney & Fremantle, December 2015


Nine people stand in a row in front of a limestone wall that forms part of the Fremantle Roundhouse. They hold placards naming the deaths of seven people as a result of Australia's border policies.
Call to Account, Fremantle, 2015. Photo: Chris Lewis.


In the lead up to Human Rights Day, Researchers Against Pacific Black Sites (RAPBS) compiled a list of charges calling the Australian state to account for its failures to uphold international human rights conventions and treaties such as the Rights of the Child, the Convention against Torture and the Refugee Convention.

RAPBS, with support from RRAN WA and RAC Melbourne, were joined by people from various walks of life to stage readings of the list of charges in Melbourne, Sydney and Fremantle.  The readings called to account the Australian government for perpetrating  human rights violations against asylum seekers and refugees, both in detention centres and in the precarious conditions people are forced to endure under other unlivable terms, like the temporary protection visas.

These readings were combined into a short film for international circulation, produced by Steve Thomas.

Further information: RAPBS Call to Account 2015

The Call to Account actions are also discussed in ‘Between Spectacle and Secret: The Politics of Non-Visibility and the Performance of Incompletion‘ by Suvendrini Perera and Joseph Pugliese, Chapter 4 in Visualising Human Rights edited by Jane Lydon.



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