Responses to Indigenous Femicide and the Killing State case study


Laurel Nannup, Quirriup 2016 (second state), Woodcut print on rag paper, 120 x 100 cm. Photo: Simon Hewson, 2016. Image courtesy of the artist and Campbelltown Arts Centre.

 Rangi Hirini interviews Hannah McGlade on NITV

“[Australia is ] a country that says we support human rights, we’re a member of the Human Rights Council and it’s really time for Australia to take this issue seriously and take the blinkers off and start valuing the lives of Aboriginal women and girls of this country.’

Why isn’t this a national crisis’: Report calls for action on Indigenous women’s deaths

5 February 2020 

Bertrand Tungandame interviews Suvendrini Perera on SBS

‘The case study about Indigenous Femicide is arguably the most important component of the Deathscapes project.’

Read full article: New study reveals the pattern of Indigenous Femicide and the Killing state

13 February 2020

To listen to the interview podcast:

‘You don’t hear this stuff on the ABC’: Marisa Sposaro interviews Bronwyn Carlson on the Doin Time Show

‘Not some Aboriginal person who died: that’s a person’s name, that’s their family. I think that’s one of the great things about this site. It brings forward the family … It gives a full and and complete picture of somebody’s life and the things they’ve had to overcome.’

3CR February 20, 2020

Listen to the interview whole interview here.

‘Lethal Intersections’: Lecture by Patricia Hill Collins

‘Deathscapes makes the case through cases …. recognising  that emotion is a critical dimension of resistance.’

In a packed public lecture in Perth, Distinguished Professor Emerita Patricia Hill Collins, pioneering theorist of intersectionality, discussed the Deathscapes site as an exemplar of ‘dialogical engagement as intersectional methodology.’

February 18, 2020

Listen to the lecture here.



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