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 A Rebranding Exercise?

After years of campaigning and advocacy the UK government did end child detention in 2010 (Corporatewatch, 2011). However,  opinions remain divided about the appropriate approach to the detention of adults whilst children are still being detained in so-called pre-departure accommodation centres (Gentleman, 2011), also run by the same private security companies found guilty of unlawful killing (see the case of Jimmy Mubenga).

The period for detention remains a sensitive topic: Some have argued for ending all immigration detention (Corporatewatch, 2011), others such as HM Chief Inspector of Prisons (2017) and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Migration (2015) have argued for a maximum time limit to be set on immigration detention.

Despite various recommendations and court rulings, immigration detention continues. By repackaging indefinite detention – a form of imprisonment – with euphemisms like “short detention” or “pre-departure accommodation centres” the UK has been undertaking, in fact, a rebranding exercise.


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