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For these reasons Yarl’s Wood works as a local-global signifier of the military-industrial-prison-border complex that has become embedded in liberal western societies. The conditions of detention in this centre and its links to the Windrush Scandal underscore the variety of ways in which national and local authorities authorize gendered and racialized processes of exclusion and incarceration, including legal double standards for Black and Ethnic Minority citizens, in ways that underscore the inhumane treatment of indigenous peoples, refugees, asylum-seekers, and ‘migrants’.

Yarl’s Wood is a complex, and high-profile case, which has generated a rich research literature and campaigns on behalf of detainees. To capture this complexity we have curated selected themes around Yarl’s Wood as a web-embedded installation using an app called ‘Articulate’. You can navigate in and out of the seven themes that make up this installation in your own time and in any sequence. Click on the image below to get started.


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