Villawood 8e - Community Solidarity


Community Solidarity

The day after Josefa Rauluni’s death, a group of about nine activists from the Anti-Deportation Alliance chained themselves to the front counter of the Sydney DIAC office. They stated they were acting in solidarity with those protesting inside the Villawood immigration prison. Two arrests were made.

On the same day, protesters gathered outside the Villawood immigration prison. During peak hour that evening, a public square in Newtown in the inner city was taken over by a group of people who hung banners and distributed flyers. Part of the text read:

‘Yesterday there were protests on both sides of the fences in Villawood. We must continue to take action in solidarity with the struggles occurring from within the detention centres.

…We struggle against all borders because no death as a result of border protection brings us more freedom.

We tear down all cages because peoples’ desire to move will never be caged.’


A painted portrait based on a photo of Josefa Rauluni.

[imagecaption] Portrait of Josefa Rauluni, 2016. Artist: Betina Martin for People Just Like Us. [/imagecaption]


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