Villawood 8a - The Aftermath


The Aftermath

‘To the family of our brother Josefa…

this is on behalf of all the brother and sister here at villawood I.D.C…

 your IRAQI Brother

Saad Tlaa

Sept, 27, 2010

– 7 days after….’

‘When he passed away it was really tense. The atmosphere was really bad, sad. Everybody feeling down. Really, it was really, I can’t really describe it in specific words, but all in all it was a really sad and miserable feeling for everybody…Just imagine one of your friends, or family, or close friend will die in front of you, and you cannot do anything. It is really very painful, very painful feeling… the spirit of the death, or the spirit of missing or losing some friend is really hard.’

Saad Tlaa 

Following Viliami Tanginoa’s death, his friends and fellow detainees too released a statement.


A hand drawn portrait of Josefa Rauluni bordered with illustrations of colourful flowers and birds. A message of condolences is written at the top by the artist and signatures of fellow detainees mark the bottom of the page.

[imagecaption] Saad Tlaa, ‘Memorial to Josefa Rauluni’, 2010[/imagecaption]


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