Villawood 7a - Recursive Seriality Viliami Tanginoa


Recursive Seriality: Viliami Tanginoa

Ten years prior to Rauluni’s death, Viliami Tanginoa died at the Maribyrnong immigration prison in Victoria. On multiple levels, Rauluni’s arrest, detention and death serially replicate Tanginoa’s.

In ‘The Reckoning of Possibilities: Asylum Seekers, Justice and the Indigenisation of the Levinasian Third’ Joseph Pugliese writes, ‘Viliami Tanginoa’s arrest, imprisonment, threatened deportation and mode of death (including taunting from guards) – all signify  in terms of a series of haunting palimpsests that prefigure Rauluni’s own fateful experience at Villawood. The biopolitical relations of power that constitute the conditions of operations within these immigration prisons ensure the replication of a serial violence that is virtually guaranteed by bureaucratic Reason and the reasonable order. Two months after Rauluni’s death, Ahmad al-Akabi, an Iraqi asylum seeker also imprisoned in Villawood detention prison hanged himself…’

A month later David Saunders died in the same manner and following his death, two Afghan asylum seekers attempted hangings in Curtin IDC.








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