Villawood 17e - Failure of Systems


The Failure of Systems: The Failure of Justice

The combined inquest investigating the deaths of Josefa Rauluni, Ahmed Al-Akabi and David Saunders sought to consider whether, given the close proximity in time of these suicides, there were systemic issues that may have contributed to their deaths.

Despite a sizeable brief, folders full of evidence and the deaths of three men being under consideration, the outcome of the inquest was a report of merely 17 pages, including just seven recommendations. While the Coroner was critical of the failures of IHMS, DIAC and Serco and the systemic nature of their failures, the findings failed to adequately articulate the significance of these three deaths.

Like the systems that controlled the lives and determined the experiences of these three men, in death the Coronial system, upon which they and their families depended to achieve justice, also failed them. The cycle of state violence continues.



A banner painted with red writing reads 'Justice? Stop Suffering Us'. It is held up during a protest behind layers of fences at Villawood IDC.

[imagecaption] Villawood Protest, Villawood New South Wales, 2010. Photo: Adam Ward[/imagecaption]




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