Villawood 17d - Unworthy of Remembrance


Unworthy of Remembrance

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There is little documentation or analysis of this third death, that of David Saunders. Mr Saunders’ death closely replicates that of Ahmed Al-Akabi, who suicided in the same manner less than a month before.




Reports were largely impersonal, with details limited to references to his alleged offence and security rating. No photos nor testimonies of Mr Saunders’ friends or family were released into the public domain. While he benefitted from the privilege of British citizenship, he was criminalised due to the nature of his alleged offences. His death was not publicly mourned or remembered.

‘Briton who died at Villawood named‘ (Sydney Morning Herald, Dec 8 2010)

‘Briton found dead in Australian detention centre‘ (The Independent UK, Dec 8 2010)

‘Suicide Briton facing deportation from Australia named‘ (The Mirror Online, Dec 9 2010)

‘Dead detainee was facing sex offence claims‘ (Canberra Times, Sept 5 2011)




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