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[imagecaption] SBS Dateline. “Breaking Point“, SBS, 29 May 2011.[/imagecaption]

Following the death of Ahmed Al-Akabi, SBS Dateline video journalist, Fouad Hady, travelled around Iraq and Australia and produced a report entitled ‘Breaking Point’. This report highlights the systemic failures that allowed him to die in these circumstances and the impact that the loss has had on his family and friends. The report included an interview with his widow.

‘I wish I could have seen him, just for a moment. That’s all I wanted – if only I could see him…’

Houda Mohammad Saleh (Ahmed Al-Akabi’s wife)


Ahmed Al-Akabi's grave stone.

[imagecaption] Ahmed Al-Akabi’s final resting place, screenshot from SBS ‘Breaking Point’[/imagecaption]



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