Villawood 15a - Aftermath


The Aftermath


Soon after Ahmed Al-Akabi’s death became known, people detained in Stage 3 of VIDC joined a hunger strike in a show of sympathy and solidarity with their friend. The following day five men were reportedly participating in a rooftop protest, small fires were lit in the camp and about 160 people were on hunger strike. Refugee Action Coalition (RAC) Sydney activists and other community members including Senator Lee Rhiannon, protested outside the centre in solidarity.

RISE (Refugee, Survivors and Ex-Detainess) and RAC Sydney published media releases; media were reportedly onsite from the early hours of 16 November.

Sandy Logan, spokesperson for the Immigration Department said: ‘We are concerned when these sorts of incidents occur.’

In June 2011 DIAC responded to a question in parliament which revealed that in the aftermath of his death, 17 clients received or continue to receive counselling by IHMS.


Two girls are pictured in a crowd at a protest outside outside Villawood IDC. One carries a placard with Ahmed Al-Akabi's photo on it, another carries a placard that reads 'Free...Refugees'.
[imagecaption]Villawood protest, 2010. Photo: Daniel Burke.[/imagecaption]

‘At the moment it is very hard, very hard…people very tired, very tired. Yeah, he was very good man, he has a good many friends. He very quiet man, very good man. But unfortunately he’s gone.’

Iraqi asylum seeker (detained at Villawood at the time of Ahmed Al-Akabi’s death)



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