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Standard Operating Procedures

An analysis, by Kyli Hedrick, of incident reports between October 2009 and 2011, first published on ‘Detention Logs’, reveals that 18% of self harm cases involved attempted hangings. In the Australian community, however, only 1% of self-harm related hospitalisations were the result of hangings.

Detention centre operators recognise the risk of deaths in detention, particularly deaths by hanging. Signs are visible in centres reminding officers to have their Hoffman knives on them at all times. ‘Cutting people down’ is the standard response to suicide attempts of this kind, a high-risk strategy for avoiding deaths. Preventative measures are often absent or inadequate.




‘Initial response of an Officer who discovers an apparent death will immediately apply first aid and initiate a CERT-1 – Code 4 and call for immediate medical assistance. Should the detainee be discovered hanging, Centre Operating Procedure 10.18 “Cut Down Procedure” is to be followed.’

Australasian Correctional Management (ACM) policy manual





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