Villawood 12e - Near Breaking Point


Near Breaking Point

On 3 August, IHMS conducted a scheduled rescreening and noted the exacerbation of depressive symptoms warranting a psychiatric review. Mr Al-Akabi was described as ‘a broken man’ with suicide ideation but no ‘formal thought or plan’. Two weeks later he did not attend an appointment with an IHMS psychiatrist. On 30 August he was described by a psychiatrist as ‘sad, downcast’ and constantly worried about his wife and children. On 20 September Josefa Rauluni suicided in VIDC. On 6 October Mr Al-Akabi requested to see Registered Nurse, Yasser Mohammad, for counselling. The following day he received a negative decision from his Independent Merits Review. Mr Mohammad saw him the next day and stated that he was irritable and anxious about the delay in his visa.

‘Of the three suicides, AA’s was probably the most foreseeable and therefore, at least theoretically, preventable. There has been no explanation of why SASH protocols were not implemented for AA.’

M. Jerram (State Coroner)


Painted in Villawood IDC using coffee. A person stands in front of a chain-link fence. Their hands cover their face, but eyes are depicted on their hands.

[imagecaption] Alwy Fadhel, ‘Psychosis’, coffee on paper.[/imagecaption]

‘This man had asked for mental health assistance from his first day at VIDC. It is clear that both his mental and physical health deteriorated gradually over the period of his detention and that though DIAC and IHMS staff recorded that, very little was done to assist him. The SASH protocol, which set out a procedure for ensuring that a detainee’s risk of self-harm or suicide was carefully evaluated and monitored, was not followed.’

M. Jerram (State Coroner)



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