Villawood 12a - Failure to Care


Villawood: Failure to Care

On 6 April 2010, a week after Ahmed Al-Akabi was informed that his request for Refugee Status had been rejected, he was transferred from Christmas Island to Stage 3 of Villawood IDC (Fowler Compound). On the same day there were coordinated bombings across Baghdad which killed at least 35 people, wounded 140 and destroyed seven buildings. Attacks continued throughout the month.

Upon his arrival at VIDC, a Suicide and Self Harm (SASH) Risk Assessment was completed. This identified thoughts of his life not being worth living due to his Refugee Status Assessment (RSA) rejection and distress associated with his family in Iraq.

5 days later on 11 April he received news that his sister and two of her children had been killed by a bomb blast in Iraq.

He subsequently undertook a hunger strike for two days alongside about 34 other men in the Fowler compound, which he ended when he was admitted to Auburn hospital on the 13th with abdominal pain.

There is no record of either of these events triggering a re-assessment of his mental state




This is an artwork painted in Villawood IDC using coffee. It shows the silhouette of a screaming person behind barbed wire while on the other side of the wire, a bird is flying.

[imagecaption] Alwy Fadhel, ‘The Scream,’ coffee on paper.[/imagecaption]




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