Villawood 11c - International Human Rights Day


International Human Rights Day, 2009

Ahmed Al-Akabi arrived on Christmas Island on International Human Rights Day in 2009. There is a grim irony in how his time in Australia would thereafter become characterised by the violation and denial of his human rights. On this day, DIAC gifted him a new name ‘IBK048’ and began the process of attempting to strip him of his humanity and self-worth.

The following day he had a health induction assessment and mental status examination. He was noted to be “happy/elated” with no features of a psychiatric illness. He denied thoughts of self harm and prior experience of torture or trauma.

The North West Point Immigration Detention Centre on Christmas Island was originally designed with a capacity of 800 people. However, at this time, it was severely overcrowded; temporary housing, including tents, now detained over 1300 people. Amnesty International stated that the situation was “completely unacceptable” and that the isolated location of the island made it “impossible” to put in place a humane immigration policy. Ahmed Al-Akabi remained on Christmas Island for about 4 months.


A map of Christmas Island (excised from the Australian migration zone) locating sites of deaths on land and off the coast.




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