Ward 8b - Collective Retributive Punishment


Collective Retributive Punishment


An Elder told us:

‘Truly transport is a part of the Deathscape.’




Following Mr Ward’s death a low security work camp for prisoners was built closer to the community at  a vast cost–and then mothballed for several years. Prisoners continued to be transported to Kalgoorlie or even further to Acacia prison for incarceration.

A proposed memorial Ward Highway, allowing prisoners to travel back to Country for funerals has not eventuated. For several years, no prisoners were returned to Country to attend funerals as had been the previous practice.

Within the community there is a strong sense that the failure to return prisoners for the funerals of immediate families is motivated not only by cost, but is a form of punishment of the community. In 2016 the failure to bring back a member of Mr Ward’s family for the death of a close family member caused great grief and anger in the community.


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