Ward 7b - Open Finding


An Open Finding: Systemic Failure of Coronial Inquiry to Deliver Justice

A woman at a protest holds a large, painted cardboard placard that reads "Wheres the Justice".

[imagecaption] ‘Wheres the Justice’, Perth, 2009. Photo: Alex Bainbridge. [/imagecaption]



‘I accept that in the context of this avoidable death, as stated in the submissions on behalf of the Aboriginal Legal Service, “there is anger, disbelief, emptiness and calls for justice.” In that context I do not wish to create unrealistic expectations on the part of the family or the hope that they will see “justice” as a result of such a report being made.

Alastair Hope (State Coroner) 

‘I am precluded by section 25(5) of the Coroners Act 1996 from making a finding which would appear to suggest that any person is guilty of an offence and so I am not able to determine whether the death arose by way of unlawful homicide or misadventure. It is in that context I make an open finding as to how the death arose.’

Alastair Hope (State Coroner)



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