Ward 5e - Permissible Quota of Deaths


The Contracting of a ‘Permissible’ Quota of Deaths in Custody

A Working Party established by the Deaths in Custody Watch Committee of WA highlighted how the disposability of lives in custody is written into the commercial contract between the corporate provider and the state (2009 24-25). One of the grounds for a ‘material breach’ of contract is the occurrence of ‘more than two separate and isolated instances of a death in custody’ in a service year (Hooker 2004, 29). This clause effectively permits the quota of two deaths in custody per service year before the contract can be terminated on this basis alone. It also allows for the interpretation of multiple deaths in custody as a single incident during prisoner transportation.


[imagecaption] Highway to Human Rights, Perth, 2009. Image: Kulture Jam. [/imagecaption]


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