Perpetual Insecurity 6a - Saeed and Majid Hassanloo


Saeed and Majid Hassanloo

[imagecaption] Vigil for Saeed Hassanloo, outside Royal Perth Hospital, Whadjuk Country, 2015. Video: Zebedee Parkes for Green Left Weekly. Longer video from Rez Nez available here. Photos from Marziya Mohammedali available here. [/imagecaption]

‘Just let him suffer.’

Tim Haye, Serco Officer employed on Christmas Island 


Saeed and Majid Hassanloo were brothers who both fled Iran  and sought asylum in Australia by boat in 2010. After more than four and a half years in detention, in early 2015, 25 year-old Saeed began a hunger strike while detained at the Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre. He was hospitalised and started refusing fluids when his older brother Majid, who had been detained with him, was transferred to Christmas Island. Immigration Minister Peter Dutton characterised the hunger strike as ‘emotional blackmail’. Dozens of people gathered outside Royal Perth hospital in support of Saeed. After more than 40 days on hunger strike and close to death, Saeed accepted medical assistance.

Following Saeed’s recovery he was released into the community on a bridging visa. Just over a year later, he suicided while living in Tasmania. Less than a year after Saeed’s death, his brother Majid, who had also been released from detention and eventually ‘found to be a refugee’ was found dead in Sydney. These two brothers who arrived in Australia together, were, at every step, denied the sanctuary they had hoped for.


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