Perpetual Insecurity 9e - Refuge in Community: resistance to deportations


Refuge in Community: Home to Bilo Campaign

[imagecaption] Solidarity protests for Priya and Nades, Narrm, Kulin Nations (Melbourne). Photo: Charandev Singh.  [/imagecaption]


In early 2018, a Tamil family of four – Priya, Nades and their two daughters, happily settled in the small Queensland town of Biloela, were taken from their homes and detained in another state away from their community. A year later they remain in detention and have only narrowly avoided being returned to Sri Lanka after losing their immigration appeal.

Despite what appears to be a grim outlook for the family, their community have provided some hope through an energetic and impassioned campaign for them to be freed and allowed to return to Biloela. As government policies become increasingly punitive, community responses have also expanded. A website, facebook page  and online petition have all been launched to support the campaign and promote activism around the family’s case.

There have been other examples of communities, particularly those in rural areas, supporting families in similar circumstances. In Ballarat, another Tamil family have been battling for years against deportation with the support of a Rural Australians for Refugees group.


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