Perpetual Insecurity 4l - Free Mojgan


The Campaign to #FreeMojgan

[imagecaption] ‘Gone Girl’, Australian Story, 2016.  [/imagecaption]


‘We really hold dear giving back to our community and we advocate when things are not right. Students see our school standing up for them and they know they are valued. We stand up for and speak out against prejudice and discrimination…’
Jessica Walker, SHS Deputy Principal

Iranian asylum seeker and graduate of Yeronga State High School, Mojgan Shamsalipoor, has been publicly advocating for her right to remain in Australia. Her school community has rallied around her in support. When she was detained, the #FreeMojgan campaign was launched alongside Mojgan and her husband Milad, to allow her to continue her education and call on the Minister to intervene and allow her return to the community. Mojgan was eventually granted a bridging visa to live in the community with her husband, who is now an Australia Citizen. Since graduating, she has been employed at the school as a teaching aid. The campaign to let her stay in Australia permanently with her husband continues.


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