Perpetual Insecurity 4j - Resistance of Bridging Visa-Holders


The Resistance of Bridging Visa Holders

[imagecaption] Hani Abdile | Refugee Poet – ‘I wonder’, 2017. Film: Yeoseop Yoon and Christopher Miles. [/imagecaption]


There are many people living on bridging visas who resist the persistent attacks on their rights, their safety and their wellbeing. Despite significant personal risk and the fear that being publicly critical of the government could impact negatively on their visa applications, or result in a breach of the code of behaviour, bridging visa holders have continued to seek justice and defiantly spoken out about their experiences of seeking asylum in Australia.

This has included speaking to the media, participating in community outreach and publishing works of art and literature: Hani Abdile, a young Somali woman,  published her book of poetry ‘I Will Rise’ in 2017 and Ravi, a Tamil man who was detained on Nauru and in Australia, released his book ‘From Hell to Hell’ in 2016.



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