Perpetual Insecurity 4i - Bridging Visas: a slow death


A Slow Death

Figure depicted reaching out for help in silhouette of Australia. Hands reach towards them.

[imagecaption] ‘The Helping Hands that Opened my Heart’. Artwork: Sayed M. Hussaini. Published in Pictures in my Heart: Seeking Refugee – Afghanistan to Australia by Fiona Hamilton. [/imagecaption]

Akin to the offshore processing regime, bridging visas are designed to weaponise mental health and force people into unliveable conditions. Many deaths of bridging visa holders have been named as ‘self-inflicted’ harm; however an argument can be made that they are caused by state-inflicted-harm.


Some of those known to have died while living in the community on a bridging visa are:

Ning Dong (2000)

Anandakumar Sellakathirkgaman  (January 2013)

Rezene Mebrahtu Engeda  (February 2014)

Leorsin Seemanpillai  (June 2014)

Raza Rezaee  (June 2015)

Ajanthan Navarathinam  (July 2015)

Khodayar Amini, (October 2015)

Reza Alizadeh  (October 2015)

Mohammad Nazari  (April 2016)

Deepak Singh  (July 2016)

Saeed Hassanloo  (August 2016)

Mohammad Hadi  (September 2016)

Fereshteh (November 2016)

Tamil man not publicly named (August 2018)

Hafeez Hadari (September 2018)

Mohammad Mohsin (October 2019)

Some of their stories are discussed in this case study.


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