Perpetual Insecurity 2b - Asylum Denied: ongoing persecution


Asylum Denied: ongoing persecution

Placard held at protest reads 'Temporary Protection is Not Protection #LetThemStay'

[imagecaption] Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees, Whadjuk Nyoongar Country (Perth), 2016. Photo: Marziya Mohammedali. [/imagecaption]

The security of the settler state  is predicated on the usurpation of Indigenous sovereignty and control over the borders. The weaponisation of mental health relies on two differentiated but related strategies to achieve these ends. For Indigenous people these strategies include internal sequestration, displacement from country, the  destruction of community and family structures and relentless racism.

In the case of refugees and asylum seekers, the weaponisation of mental health takes the form of isolation within the community, stigmatisation and the drive to self-deportation.  A suite of so called deterrence policies, including detention, temporary protection and the prohibition of family reunion, are factors that drive people to self-deportation to danger or to other desperate measures to remove themselves from the place where their suffering has become intolerable.


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