Perpetual Insecurity 12d - Contact with Authorities: Khodayar Amini


Contact with Authorities: Khodayar Amini


Just months before Khodayar’s death, a verbal disagreement via phone with a Red Cross worker resulted in a complaint against Khodayar that was filed to the Victoria Police. Khodayar was apprehended and taken into police custody for questioning. Re-detention was a possibility he was very aware of.

‘Today 6 officers police coming in my room hound coffee [hand cuff] me put me in police stations. Red Cross officer reports he have guns. But I’m sick. Morning I call in Red Cross help me. Red Cross send for me 6 officer police…Now physically sick and mentally sick. Why Red Cross reported he have gun…I’m Red Cross Kline [client] but to much help me today…6 hours pout  [put] me in police station to day Red Cross just help me’

Khodayar Amini, 21.08.15 (facebook messages)

Shortly after this incident, Khodayar received a Court Attendance Notice. He was immediately thrown into a state of panic and confusion. At the end of September 2015 he was hospitalised. On 15 October DIBP officers came to Khodayar’s last known address to notify him of their intention to consider cancelling his bridging visa as a result of the charges against him. He was not present, though was made aware of the visit. The following day DIBP contacted Khodayar to arrange an appointment for 19 October. Khodayar called his Red Cross support worker and articulated his distress and threatened to self-immolate. Khodayar did not live to see 19 October.


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