Perpetual Insecurity 12a - Killing Khodayar Amini


Killing Khodayar Amini: ‘A thread of ghastly loneliness’

A weathered photo of Khodayar Amini, framed by flowers at the base of a tree at the site of his self-immolation.

[imagecaption] ‘Khodayar Amini’s Final Camp’. Photo: Stephen Clendinnen. See more of Stephen’s work.[/imagecaption]




‘When you stamped your authority on his life
crushing his spirits and
rendering a hollow despair in his heart
A thread of ghastly loneliness encircled his throat

Your cold gaze enfeebled his purpose for living,
between the choice of life and death, he chose the latter
just like his kite, his soul burned to ashes in the flames of hate.
And the petals of liberty waver in the wind as you hunt your next victim.’

‘A struggle to be’  by Kobra Moradi [imagecaption] [/imagecaption]


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