Perpetual Insecurity 11c - Mohammad Nasim Najafi


Killing Mohammad Nasim Najafi

Candle and placard at vigil for Mohammad Nasim Najafi.

[imagecaption] Vigil for Mohammad Nasim Najafi, Whadjuk Country (Perth), 2015. Photo: Marziya Mohammedali. Vigil flyer: Refugee Rights Action Network WA. See more photos here.[/imagecaption]


‘It is as if the entire world becomes against refugees. Yes! That is true. For refugee every situation is associated with pain and suffering. I know that these days even the earth wants to sell its shadow to the sky. Therefore I am ridiculing the world because this is the only thing that the world has given me. It is always pain and loneliness, and I have experienced both.’

Mohammad Nasim Najafi (translated facebook post)

Mohammad Nasim Najafi was a young Hazara man from Afghanistan who sought asylum in Australia. At the time of his death, he was detained at the Yongah Hill immigration detention centre, near Northam in WA. The exact circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear, but accounts point to the denial of proper care for his epilepsy and other medical needs and his placement in solitary confinement. Questions around medical care, his treatment while in detention and the response of Serco officers were raised by his friends detained in the centre. A coronial inquest hearing was held in November 2018 and the inquest findings were published in December 2018.


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