Perpetual Insecurity 14a - The Parameters of Life


Bridging visas and temporary protection visas circumscribe the parameters of life

‘The present assumes the dimensions of a suffocating totality where the threats of detention  and deportation remain omnipresent. Temporary visas are inescapable psychic prisons that must be seen as a juridico-political extension of immigration detention camps. They establish an incarceration regime that is mobile and portable. This has the consequence of self-termination being the only perceptible means of escape.’

Joseph Pugliese, 2004

‘My future is like daily, I have today and tomorrow, I don’t know what the next day is for me…If I do get another visa I will still be living in Australia temporarily. If I don’t get a visa, this is it for me, I’ll be deported back to Afghanistan and I l think my life will end.’

Zaki Haidari


[imagecaption] ‘Belonging Post-Villawood‘ comic, 2015. Artwork: Safdar Ahmed. [/imagecaption]




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