Ms Dhu 2a - Dion Harris poem


‘I think of my niece & the pain she endured

Them nights in the cells when her voice wasn’t heard

The cruel, sick mistreatment at the hands of the law

Must surely be exposed in a criminal court


But for W.A. Police it’s a grain in the ocean

‘Cause they mistreat their “Blacks” with love & devotion

Their record on its own could stand mountain high

‘Cause we all know how many of our family have died


They say that there is more than one way to skin a cat

And I think Australian governments have often showed us that

For they’ve killed us & maimed us in so many different ways

And we’ve suffered from birth to the end of our days


But this type of murder it really was callous

So nasty it would make South Africa jealous

They murdered my niece there’s no other way to say it

She could’ve been saved with antibiotics instead of delaying it


So gather your ears our international friends far & wide

Because you know it was legal murder the way my beautiful niece died

My brother’s led the fight to try & get our family justice

Please support us in our fight against this island full of racists.’


Dion Harris (Ms Dhu’s Uncle)

(*permission required)





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