Ms Dhu 1d - Gender and the RCIADIC


Women and the RCIADIC

Of the 99 deaths that were investigated by the RCIADIC, 11 were of Aboriginal women. 3 of these women died in Western Australia (WA).

Faith Barnes

Murial Gwenda Catheryn Binks

Nita Blankett

Joyce Thelma Egan

Christine Lesley Ann Jones

Karen Lee O’Rourke

Deidre Abigail Short

Barbara Ruth Tiers

Barbara Denise Yarrie

Fay Lena Yarrie

The woman who died at Ceduna on 18 February 1983


In the midst of the investigations of the RCIADIC, Debra Dick died in prison custody and Jennifer Garlett died in a police pursuit. The final report of the RCIADIC was published in April 1991, during the following year, Marlene Tomachy, Janet Blundell and Daphne Armstrong also died in police custody.



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