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Resistance is possible

A group of 15 activists tried on March 2017 to stop secret charter deportation flight to Nigeria and Ghana from taking off from Stansted airport in London, the UK carrying failed asylum seekers and other migrants, by locking themselves to the wheel and the base of the plane as a form of demonstration against the mas deportation of refugees and asylum seekers that is taking place. While at first the Stansted 15 activists were charged with aggravated trespass, the charges were soon were upgraded to terrorism-related offences.

Stansted anti-deportation protesters block flight to Nigeria and Ghana. Source: Facebook and Guardian (2017).


In some cases, passengers have decided to halt the forcible deportation of refugees on board. The next video shows two passengers making clear their objections to the deportation of Eze Okafor from Nigeria at an Icelandair flight.

Source: NoBordersIceland YoutubeChannel.

“Support the Stansted 15: When solidarity becomes a terrorist-related offence liberty and democracy die”

Yanis Varoufakis, 2018



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