The Streets 10b - Killed in plain sight with no accountability


‘Open Season’: Killed in plain sight

[imagecaption] Tanya Tagaq, Inuit throat singer, performing a work titled Qiksaaktuq: an improvised lament for the murdered and missing Indigenous Canadian women. [/imagecaption]


In Australia, 19% of homicides of Indigenous people occur in public or open spaces, as compared with only 7% of homicides involving non-Indigenous people (AIC).

Kwementyaye Green was a 25 year old mother of two who was found dead in a vacant lot in Tennant Creek in Northern Australia with her partner lying next to her. The police initially pursued the theory that she stabbed herself in the leg. During the coronial inquest into her death it became apparent that the police failed to secure the scene, destroyed crucial forensic evidence and demonstrated ‘lack of urgency, intent and competence’ during their investigation. To date, no one has been charged for her death.

Ms Chapman was only 23 when she was stomped to death by her partner in a shopping centre car park in Broome, Western Australia. Despite previous convictions against her partner for assaulting and wounding her, there were no protections put in place to keep her safe.

Roselle Nelson was only 16 when she died following a violent assault in the town of Katherine in the Northern Territory, possibly by her former boyfriend. It remains unclear as to whether anyone has been charged for her death.


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