Targeting of Indigenous Women 2a - Audra Simpson Quote


The Logic of Settler Colonialism

[imagecaption] An Indigenous woman holds up a sign during the rally in Vancouver.  Photo: Darryl Dyck for The Canadian Press. [/imagecaption]


‘States do not always have to kill; its citizens can do that for it.’

Audra Simpson, ‘The State is a Man: Theresa Spence, Loretta Saunders and the Gender of Settler Sovereignty’2016

As Mohawk scholar Audra Simpson comments in relation to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women [MMIW] in Canada, their deaths and disappearances may be understood as ‘part of a vaporous crime spree that belongs to not one serial murder, but an entire citizenship’ (2016, 8). Understood as a form of serial killing, the incidence of Indigenous women’s deaths in disparate places, on the fringes of towns or on lonely roads,  are not accidental or random tragedies, but a systematic outcome of the logic of settler colonialism. They implicate the entire citizenry in the crime of Indigenous femicide.


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