Indigenous Femicide, Genocide, Sovereignty and Resistance 1a - Tess Allas, Andrea Smith/Luana Ross, Beverley Jacobs Quote


‘The killing of Aboriginal women has a long history, a long-revered history, where the colonial perpetrators of this violence are revered in their actions.’

Bronwyn Carlson, Professor of Indigenous Studies, Macquarie University

‘Black women know the Australian state was built on such violence and that the instruments of law, the police and courts, can never really be trusted to protect black women’s bodies. We know that the Australian legal system’s tolerance of sexual violence towards Indigenous women is deeply seated in Australian history.’

Hannah McGlade, Noongar human rights and legal researcher

‘States do not always have to kill; its citizens can do that for it.’

Audra Simpson, Mohawk scholar

‘Colonization is violence.  Colonization has had an impact on both Indigenous women and men’s roles in all relationships but Indigenous women have taken the brunt of the impacts of colonization.  Direct attacks against Indigenous women are attempts to erase them from existence so that there will be no future generations. These are attacks against the future of our Indigenous nations.  Indigenous women are now dealing with the high statistics of violence against them and the highest numbers of missing and murdered Indigenous women, not only in Canada but also globally.’

Beverley Jacobs, Kanienkehake Nation, Bear Clan of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy from the Six Nations Grand River Territory

‘The links that bind us are sometimes fraught with violence, death and unimaginable trauma. But these links can also serve to make us stronger. As a global community of Indigenous women, we stand defiant, we stand strong and we stand for love.’

Tess Allas, Independent Researcher and Curator


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