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Domestic Femicide

[imagecaption] SovereignGODDESSnotdomestic (1), Natasha Wanganeen (performer), digital print light box, 2017. Artist: Ali Gumillya Baker. [/imagecaption]


Women homicide victims are generally more likely to die in domestic homicide incidents compared to men. Between 70-90% of Indigenous women in Australia who were killed by another person were killed by an intimate partner or family member in all but one year between 2009-10 and 2013-14. While non-Indigenous women also experience high rates of domestic homicide (60-72% over the same period), Indigenous women are at greater risk of hospitalisation or death due to family violence.

In Canada, Indigenous women are as likely to be killed by an acquaintance or stranger as they are by an intimate partner, which is not the case for non-Indigenous women. The rates of spousal assault against Indigenous women, however, are more than three times higher than non-Indigenous women. Like in Australia, Indigenous women are more likely to require medical treatment as a result of being assaulted (NWAC.)


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