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Theresa Binge

Quote from Elizabeth Bartholomew (Theresa Binge's sister) which reads "I bet if my sister was a white girl murdered in Brisbane then her killer would have already been found and brought to justice."

[imagecaption] Quote: Elizabeth Bartholomew. [/imagecaption]


Theresa Binge was a 43 year-old mother of three. She was part of a big family and grew up in the town of Toomelah, a former Aboriginal Mission.  She was a survivor of domestic violence who was described as bright, bubbly, cheeky, and devoted to her kids and grandchildren.

Theresa Binge was last seen at the Victoria Hotel in Goondiwindi in the early hours of 18 July 2003. Her family reported her missing when she failed to attend a family gathering on 21 July 2003. Her naked body was found 8 days later under a culvert on Boomi Road.

Eleven years later a white woman, Alexis Jeffery, went missing like Theresa after being seen at a hotel in Goondiwindi. Her killer was arrested in a matter of months, while Theresa Binge’s murder remains unsolved. On the anniversary of her death, her family and community rallied in Goondiwindi to call for justice.  However, they are still looking for answers. The denial of closure has deeply impacted upon her children and grandchildren, as detailed in a powerful video series Cold Justice by Muruwari journalist Allan Clarke.



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