The Road 6e - Lois Roberts: Cold Justice


Cold Justice

The 'Cold Justice' title is surrounded by photos of four Indigenous people - two women and two men - who have been killed in unjust circumstances.

[imagecaption] ‘Cold Justice – Lois Roberts‘, Season 2, Episode 4, SBS, 2017. [/imagecaption]


Lois Roberts was last seen on 31 July 1998 around 5:30pm after missing a bus home and walking down the road to try to hitchhike back, as she had done countless times before. In the following days, her family became concerned that she was missing. When they approached the police to file a missing person’s report and seek assistance, they were not taken seriously. The police suggested that Lois had just ‘gone walkabout’ or probably went off with a man. An Aboriginal woman viewed by police as sexually deviant, Lois’s disappearance was not considered worthy of investigation. Her family instead undertook the searches that the police should have.  Six months after Lois’s disappearance, her body was found in the Whian Whian Forrest, marked by signs of extreme violence and abuse. In 2002, Lois and Rhoda’s cousin Lucy McDonald also went missing and to date has not been found.

The apathy of the police in the case of Lois Roberts was reflected in the community. When a German backpacker went missing some years later, the town mounted a significant community response,  though they had remained indifferent to Lois’s fate. The difference in the level of regard for the two missing women could not but strike Lois’s family.


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