The Road 6d - Lois Roberts: A Sister's Love


Lois Roberts: A Sister’s Love

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[imagecaption] Still from ‘A Sister’s Love’. Film can be accessed via the Culture Unplugged site. [/imagecaption]


Rhoda Roberts, a woman from the Widjabul clan of the Bundjalung nation, is widely known for her work as an actor, journalist, broadcaster and artistic director.  In the documentary ‘A Sister’s Love’, directed by Ivan Sen, Rhoda Roberts speaks of the loss of her twin sister, Lois, describing how Lois nearly died from life-threatening injuries after a car accident just before their 21st birthday. The accident changed the course of Lois’s and her family’s life. Rhoda recalls that her sister, who had always been a fighter and her protector, underwent a drastic change after her head injury and the slow rehabilitation process that followed, leaving her vulnerable to being preyed upon.

Recounting their childhood, Rhoda remembers the fear that the sisters felt of being taken from school and permanently removed from their family. This fear continued to haunt Lois’s life following the birth of her son and daughter.  She  entrusted her children to her mother and sister, knowing they would be at risk of forced removal if they remained in her own care. Rhoda would later have to battle for the custody of her nephew who was indeed taken away and placed in foster care.



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