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Finding Tina Fontaine

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Tina Fontaine’s body was found in the Red River only by accident when police divers went searching for a man seen struggling in the water eight days after Tina’s disappearance.

She was not the first child to be found there. Eleven years prior, Felicia Solomon-Osborne’s arm and leg were found in the Red River, close to where Tina’s body was later discovered. Her mother stated that it took more than a week for police to finally interview her and two months for police to publicly declare Felicia ‘missing’. To date, no one has been held accountable for her murder. She was aged 16.

In December 2015, more than twenty months after Tina’s body was found, police arrested a 56 year-old white man, Raymond Cormier, also known by the name Sebastian, for Tina’s murder.

Cormier was linked to Tina by various eye witnesses before her death. Multiple witnesses also gave evidence that the duvet cover in which Tina’s body was wrapped matched one that Cormier owned. He had also allegedly talked about having sex with her.

Cormier stood trial for murder in the second degree, but was acquitted by a jury in February 2018. Following the decision, which devastated Tina’s family and the community, the Crown announced that it would not appeal. Tina’s relatives fear that she will become another cold case


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