Tina Fontaine 8d - The Failure of Police


Police indifference to the safety of Indigenous girls

At 5am on August 8 and 12 hours before her disappearance police officers, Cornelis Brock Jansen, having eight years of experience, and Craig Houle – a new recruit, both failed to identify that Tina was on a missing person’s list. This was despite checking her name through the computer system after stopping the truck in which Tina, and a man named Richard Mohammed, were found. The police were able to establish the driver of the truck was not related to her – however the police let her go.

‘It is unfathomable that police officers would not take into their care a teenage girl who is reported missing…It appears to be a systemic failure from top to bottom…This is an example of what’s going on across the country.’ 

Cameron Alexis, Alberta regional chief with the Assembly of First Nations and a retired RCMP


‘…women’s vulnerability to violence is socially constructed and patriarchally performed by both agents of state and private individuals’

Kuokkanen, 2008, p. 221

At 10:30am paramedics attended to Tina after a member of the public alerted security that the young girl had passed out on a parking lot behind a hospital. The paramedics took her to the Children’s Hospital where social workers and a doctor came in contact with her.  Dr Andrea Wilkie Gilmore later testified that she suspected Tina had being sexually exploited, but after Tina declined a physical examination and did not want to answer questions, she was discharged in the company of a social worker Kimberly Chute who arranged a hotel room for Tina to sleep in that night.

Chute dropped her off at the hotel where Ngozi Ikeh, the respite officer, met her. Despite Tina being entrusted into their care, she was able to leave the hotel that evening. A few hours later she was reported missing.




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