The River 8f - Red River Women


Red River Women: a river full of secrets

‘So many people have lost their lives in the Red River — either by violence, chance, or choice — and only a few have ever been found…’

Katherena Vermette

‘They just think no-one is waiting for us, that nobody cares about us, that we’re disposable’

Bernadette Smith, Claudette Osborne’s sister


The bodies of several women and girls have been found in the Red River, leaving families with missing loved ones wondering how many more rest beneath the surface. Felicia Solomon, Audrey Desjarlais, Tina Fontaine and April Carpenter are just a few of the Indigenous women and girls known to have been dumped in the Red River. Rinelle Harper could have been one of them, after being violently assaulted at the edge of the Assiniboine River. She managed to crawl out, was discovered by people passing by and rushed to hospital.  Since then she is an advocate on behalf of missing and murdered Indigenous women.


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