Andrea Pickett 13a - Summary


Andrea Pickett

Andrea Pickett was a Noongar woman and mother of thirteen from Perth who had taken out multiple Violence Restraining Orders against her estranged husband. After he was released from prison on parole, these orders and his parole conditions did nothing to deter him from finding Andrea and killing her, while she was seeking refuge at her cousin’s house. One of her young daughters was in the house and witnessed the killing. The WA Police left Andrea’s body in the searing heat of the Perth summer for 15 hours after her murder.

Andrea had repeatedly sought assistance from WA Police, the Department of Corrective Services and Crisis Care, including just days and hours before her murder. They failed to keep her safe. The case of Andrea Pickett marks a rallying point for Noongar women’s activism against violence in Perth, as well as nationally and internationally.


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