Andrea Pickett 13k: In Crisis with No Care - superceded


In Crisis with No Care

Like the police, Crisis Care, failed Andrea. Andrea first contacted Crisis Care, a division of the Department of Child Protection (DCP), when her husband’s violence started escalating in January 2008, and again in January 2009, following the incident where he chased her with a knife. On this occasion she was asked if she could leave four of her children with her sister and bring three others with her. She remained determined, however to ensure that her family stayed together. Crisis Care told her that they could not accommodate her due to the number of children she had.


Andrea had contacted Crisis Care from a phone box in North Beach. Despite Andrea’s uncertain access to a mobile phone, the DCP worker relied on Andrea to call her back if any issues arose. The worker couldn’t recall if she asked Andrea for a contact number. While Andrea was reluctant to stay with family as she feared it could be place them at risk, she had no other practical option and so made arrangements to stay with her cousin. No further contact was made between Crisis Care and Andrea. DCP failed to take a proactive approach to providing Andrea with potentially life-saving support.


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