Andrea Pickett 13e - The Ineffectiveness of the 'Justice' system - superceded


 An ineffective ‘Justice System’

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On 14 February 2008, Andrea Pickett again reported to the Armadale police two further breaches of the VRO and further threats to kill her by Kenneth Pickett. Following a search of the area, he was located outside of her house, searched and found to be in the possession of a 20cm bladed knife. He was arrested, charged and remanded into custody at Hakea Prison. He was not sentenced in court until 12 September 2008, when he pled guilty and received a total of 14 months imprisonment. This was backdated, however, making him immediately eligible for parole.

Due to the fact that he was on remand for the majority of his period of imprisonment Kenneth Pickett had very limited access to services within the prison, including counselling. Prison did not serve a rehabilitative function; there was nothing offered to him to address his violent behaviour, and Andrea remained at risk upon his release. Then it was Andrea who became physically and psychologically imprisoned by his presence, her freedom diminished.


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