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Lameroo Beach: Sarah Johnson

A map showing the location of Lameroo Beach relative to Darwin's main stretch on Mitchell Street.

[imagecaption] Sarah Johnson’s body was found at Lameroo Beach, just minutes away from Darwin’s main streets and city centre. [/imagecaption]


In Australia, almost a decade before Lynette Daley’s violent death, another Aboriginal woman – Sarah Johnson – was left to die on a beach in the Northern Territory. On New Year’s Day 2002, the naked body of this mother of five was found in the sand at Lameroo Beach in Darwin.

There is evidence that David Dixon was with her at the beach the night before. Ms Johnson had three children with David Dixon, her violent ex-partner.  Two children from a previous relationship lived with her father in Bagot Community.   

After being in a defacto relationship with Dixon for 10 years, Sarah Johnson ended their relationship in early 2001 after he stabbed her multiple times, an assault for which he was convicted and imprisoned. A Domestic Violence Order (DVO) was in effect at the time of her death,  but it failed to keep her safe. She stated in an affidavit in support of a restraining order that she had attempted to leave Dixon on multiple occasions but each time he found her and forced her to return. She described violent assaults and physical and emotional abuse perpetrated against her and expressed her concern for her safety and the safety of her children.  

In the first instance, after the police submitted their file to the DPP, the DPP declined to prosecute and David Dixon was released from custody.  


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