Highway of Tears 7g - Deaths and Disappearances Along the Road


Known deaths and disappearances of Indigenous women and girls on the road [Canada]

We acknowledge that this is not a comprehensive record of all missing or murdered Indigenous women, girls and 2-spirit people. We have attempted to pull together information available in the public domain, but understand that this cannot encompass unreported or under-reported deaths and disappearances.

1969: Gloria Levina Moody, found dead

1978: Monica Jack (12 years), disappeared while riding her bike, remains found in 1996

1978: Mary Jane Hill (31 years), body found naked along highway of tears

1989: Alberta Williams (24 years), body found near Prince Rupert several weeks after disappearance

1989: Cecilia Nikal (18 years), last seen near Highway 16

1989: Bernadette Lynda Ahenakew (22 years), body discovered in a ditch beside a rural road near Sherwood Park, Alberta

1990: Delphine Nikal (16 years), last seen hitchhiking from Smithers to Telkwa

1994: Roxanne Thiara (15 years), found dead just off Highway 16 near Burns Lake

1994: Alishia Germaine (15 years), murdered

1994: Ramona Wilson (16 years), found dead 10 months after disappearance

1995: Lana Derrick (19 years), last seen at a gas station near Terrace

2006: Aielah Saric Auger (14 years), body found in ditch along Highway 16

2006: Tamara Chipman (22 years), disappeared after hitchhiking along Highway 16

2008: Claudette Osborne (21 years), last seen with truck driver in Winnipeg

2010: Amber Tuccaro (20 years), remains found in 2012 on outskirts of Edmonton

2010: Cynthia Maas (35 years), body found in L.C. Gunn Park, Prince George

2018: Jessica Patrick (18 years), remains found outside Smithers

2018: Brittany Martel (27 years), Highway 5 BC

2018: Candace Stevens (31 years), Upper Derby


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