What is happening now?


What Is Happening Now?

Circle Bear’s family is seeking justice. As of June 2018, Circle Bear’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. The plaintiff consists of Scott T. Kuck as the personal representative of the estate of Sarah Lee Circle Bear. The defendants include Sheriff Mark Milbdrant of Brown County, Sheriff Jay Tasa of Roberts County, Deputy Andy Miller, Trooper Jerry Kastein, and other jail medical staff supervisors, officers, and staff. The basic claim is that the defendants “breached their duties to Sarah including but not limited to: negligence in the care, management, and treatment of Circle Bear…. Defendants’ negligence was reckless, willful, wanton, and in callous disregard of Sarah’s healthcare needs.” The entire legal case contains a variety of documents and exhibits ranging from Medication Administration Records to Exhibit of EMS Report to Therapist and Inmates Notes.




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