Police Brutality: Case of Loreal Tsingine


The Case of Loreal Tsingine

Loreal Tsingine was shot and killed by Winslow, Arizona police officer Austin Shipley. On March 27th, 2016, Shipley responded to a shoplifting call concerning Tsingine. Shipley arrived as Tsingine was walking down a street. He tried to forcibly place her in handcuffs, dragging her to the floor. Tsingine was able to stand back up however. After she did so, she walked toward Shipley with a small pair of scissors. Shipley responded by throwing her to the ground anew. When Tsingine stood back up again, Shipley fired five shots at her and killed her.

Like Castaway, Tsingine had a history of mental illness—a history to which the Winslow Police Department was privy. And again, instead of helping a mentally ill person, the police responded with violence. Tsingine’s killing was also deemed justified.


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