The Australian Solution: A model for necropolitics at the border 7b - Journey


Deadly Manipulations: Journey


The telemovie ‘Journey’ was produced by the Australian Federal Government and the Customs and Border Security Agency at a cost of over $6 million. It was designed to target people in countries from which people often seek asylum in order to deter them from coming to Australia by boat. It first aired in Afghanistan in March 2016 and was intended to also be broadcast in Pakistan, Iran and Iraq. While some details in the film might be considered accurate representations of the risk and hardships faced by people traveling by boat, the film implicitly exploits and manipulates legitimate fears and concerns, particularly of drowning and exploitation by people smugglers, to achieve a political outcome. Filmmakers and government representatives framed the film with the rhetoric of ‘saving lives at sea’ by deterring people from boarding boats, without offering any viable alternatives for people forced to migrate.



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