SIEV X 3h - The Testimony of Survivors / Hope


The Testimony of Survivors

[imagecaption] ‘Hope’, Ronin Films, 2008. Directed by Steve Thomas. [/imagecaption]


‘It was like the doors of Hell opening onto us, that moment when everyone was screaming.’

Amal Basry, survivor of the SIEV X

The survivors of SIEV X were returned to Jakarta, and after months of grieving, and with no opportunity to  meet or mourn with their remaining family members in Australia, they were eventually resettled in various third countries. Australia was the only country that imposed temporary protection visas on SIEV X survivors. The late Amal Basry was one of only 43 people who survived and was eventually reunited with her husband in Melbourne. She was courageously determined to speak of the horrors that she had witnessed when the boat sank. However, as Arnold Zable recounted, ‘The memory of the tragedy pursues her. On the 19th day of every month, Amal relives the sinking. Every day she glances at her watch, at about 3.10pm, and is seized by the memory of the boat capsizing.’ She finally gained permanent residency in Australia less than a year before she lost her life to cancer.


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